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香港紡織商會監事長 李逢樂



President Supervisor’s Statement

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the recommendation from the Board of Hong Kong General Chamber of Textiles, as I have been re-elected as President Supervisor of the Chamber.

Right now, the industry is faced with a rough business environment. Textile companies station in Mainland China have to cope with numerous difficulties, such as climbing RMB exchange rate, soaring costs of social security and other related fees, shortage of labor, etc. Companies are walking a path full of obstacles in mainland, therefore they are seeking opportunities to take a new path outward to rejuvenate their business. I will give my all-out effort to assist the president and my colleagues of the Chamber, to serve peers in the industry that are looking for new opportunities or have already found a new ground for development. During my term of office, I will work diligently with my colleagues to supervise the use of fund. All the operation will be abide by the rules and regulations of the chamber. Members of the board will unite to excel under the leadership of the newly elected chairman.

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Textiles Limited
President Supervisor
Li Fung Lok
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